3 Creative Ways to Sell an Unwanted Rental

U.S. jurisdictions give tenants the right to remain on the property through the end of the lease. So how does that work? Simply put, the lease would transfer to the new owner and the new owner would become the tenant’s landlord. Yet how many home buyers actually want to become landlords rather then move into a new home? 

  1. Sell the property to another investor.

    Even though the home sale might be the best choice for you, there are ample other real estate investors who would be interested. 
  2. Sell your property to an “as-is” cash-buyer.

    This option would be especially fitting for landlords with problem tenants, squatters, or month-to-month leases. 
  3. Sell your property to your tenants.

    For tenants who consider your rental property their home and are in good financial positions, they may be interested in purchasing the property.